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World IPv6 Day

by on Apr.23, 2011, under Blog

World ipv6 days is fast approaching are you ready?

On June 8 2011 several major web sites will be switching on ipv6 for 24 hours as a kind of test. On my home internet connection I have added in an ipv6 tunnel broker along with getting an ipv6 ip for my laptop. Why would anyone want to do this you ask? Well for one I am a geek and I had nothing better to do one night besides learn something new. Reason number two is I wanted to be able to access my home boxes without having to go through a vpn. Reason number three well at this point I was just grasping for something but I decided what if there was something cool on the internet that I was missing out on. Going through the setup of ipv6 was much easier then I had ever thought it would be. I am hoping to do a writeup on my ipv6 setup adventures but for now I will leave you with the following links.


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