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XBMC on Linux one month later

by on Oct.06, 2009, under Blog

This is a follow up to an earlier artical I wrote about installing XBMC on the ASRock 330.  I want to thanks the XBMC team for porting their wonderful application to Linux.   In my opinion it is almost up to par with the xbox version.  Following is a list of issues am currently having with an XBMC Live install on my ASRock 330.

1. HDMI Audio takes a little while before anything is output.  Now I will admit this could be my reciver taking a while to decide what kind of signal is being sent to it.

2. Cannot play 5.1 DTS Audio CD’s over HDMI I get an error saying something like cannot initialize the audio device.  Again I have not looked tons into this and I still have yet to try switching over to Toslink connection.

3. When starting out playing .mkv files sometimes there is a pause of about 5 seconds before the file starts to play.  This is really just an annoyance but would be nice to have some sort of feedback that something is going on.

4. This is not an XBMC issue but is more of an XBMC Live or lircd issue as on reboots sometimes the remote completely stops working.  I have found several people complaining about this issue in the ubuntu bug trac, so I am willing to say this is an lircd issue.

All in all I would like to say XBMC on Linux rocks and just becuase I have this issues doesnt mean you will.  According to the XBMC roadmap 10/25/2009 is the date that version 9.10 drops and I cannot wait for that to happen.

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