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by on Oct.15, 2007, under Software

Ok so I know this is a Linux blog and it seems like all I keep writing about is Windows software hopefully this will be the last app for awhile.

Anyways I dont know how many people need a good application to do RDP, Telnet, SSH and VNC on windows but if you do then I suggest mRemote. I have found the app on LifeHacker and been using it all day at work. I have to say I am very impressed with it.

Anyways here is the link to mRemote.

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  • Rob

    Indeed it is a great tool, but I’m really curious if there is a Linux equivalent around.

    Besides I believe that mRemote isn’t really freeware anymore.

  • admin


    Sadly it looks as though you are right about mRemote going commercial. Sad to see this happen to a great project like this, I guess I will have to take it off my recommendation list for windows admins. I did a little bit of looking around and it seems there was never a public source repository created for the sourceforge project so it looks like there will not be a fork of the project. I know everyone has to make a buck but I am a big believer in open source software one reason why I love Debian so much.

    I have never found anything like this for Linux. I use a combination of tsclient and rdesktop from my Linux workstations. I would love to hear if someone finds another good open source project like this for Windows or Linux as I make software recommendations all the time to fellow sysadmins. If I find a replacement I will post it here but I am back to being a full time Linux admin/developer/architect so I doubt I will stumble across anything.

  • DonavanM

    Well I have found that Gnome-rdp can make use of SSH, VNC and RDP connection, all with a nice clean interface.

  • Pugz

    mRemote is one of the best apps I’ve seen, and it did unfortunately get swallowed by some commercial business so further development has stopped, but v1.50 is will always be freely available and serves my needs awesomely. However I really only use RDP and VNC. I’ll tempmarks this and possibly update later, as I’m curious how Wine would like it, and I’m determined to find a similar app for linux.

  • BastianBBux

    Thanx a lot DonavanM!

    gnome-rdp fits my needs EXACTLY.
    And it seems to be much faster connecting than the original RDP by M$ (or the ‘wrapped’ version of mremote).

    Good working too is rdesktop in connection with grdesktop, but this is only a RDP client, not more, not less.

  • lordbinky

    For Windows check out http://www.mremoteng.org.

    Also, for Linux look at:
    Terminal Server Client (tsclient)
    Remote Desktop Viewer (vinagre)

    (Personally, I like the tabbed interface of mremoteng and Vinagre)

    Thanks for mentioning gnome-rdp!

  • M1k4

    Find a tool which may be the equivalent of Mremote for linux : monocaffe
    (think it’s the official website here : http://sites.google.com/site/monocaffe/home/mcm )

    Never test, but looks like a nice connection manager

  • Kaycee

    Thanks for the tip M1k4, monocaffe works wonders!

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